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Light Bar


Keywords: wiring harness, light guide plate, industrial control cabinet


Product details

Because its shape is elongated, also some people call that LED line lamp, is primarily used for building decoration lighting with, and used to outline the outline of large buildings, the technical parameters and LED project-light lamp broadly similar, relative to LED project-light lamp round structure, LED to wash the structure of wall lamp bar radiator appear more good deal with a little.
The product characteristics
●Surface electrostatic pensu processing lamps, high temperature resistant performance good.
●Lamps shell using aluminum alloy control and become, line is bright, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, convenient installation.
●Reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum, ensure the light energy of high output.
●3 mm thick high strength of toughened glass, light transmittance high impact resistance.
●The built-in light source for LED (monochrome or a full-color).
●High strength, low power consumption, the form is beautiful, color soft, long service life (50000 hours).
●Suitable for: the landscape lighting, stage background, building lighting, lighting, hotel landscape, ballroom, etc.
Work environment
Working voltage: AC85-265 V, before installing the power off, banned charged operation.
Working temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃.
Avoid strong acid, strong alkali, strong oil pollution and other heavy work environment.
This product not waterproof.
Storage requirements
Storage temperature: ≤60 ℃.
Avoid long time moist environment for storage.