Contract Manufacturing Services
• Electrical and electronics assemblies
• PCB, module and systems builds 
• Cable processing/harness manufacturing 
• POS, advertising and gaming signs 
• Engineering services 
• Full test and operational compliance 
• UL listed 
• QA certified to AS/NZS ISO9001-2008 ISO

Distributed Products  
• Coin comparators (Coin Mechanisms Inc)
• LCD and CRT monitors (Wells Gardner)
• Key switches, cam and plug locks (ABA)
• Cold cathode fluorescent lighting systems (The Bright Group)
• Thermal and impact printers (Ithaca) 
• POS, general and gaming signage (The Bright Group) POS
• Azkoyen payment systems 

Technical Services  
• Warranty and service support
• Product development 
• Test and calibration  
• Custom design 
• Project management 
• Component supplies  

Software Development
• Design and development of mobile software solutions
• RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools
• Out-of-box client software packages
• Turnkey projects