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Industrial Control Cabinet


Keywords: wiring harness, light guide plate, industrial control cabinet

Product details

●The main frame is made of nine folds structure and welded by special3-Tees. fine appearance and firmed configuration.
●The distance between the lower rim of the cabinet and the ground is about 25MM;There are round holes in each 25MM distance on the upper board.which can not only strengthen the stress of the door but also can install other accessories.
●The installation panel takes 25MM distance as unit that can be moved fore-and-aft and adjust the depth.
●There areround holes and square holes in each 25MM distance on the nine folds structure frame which can make the inner installation and fixed machine easily.
●The top cover,side panel,rear panel and bottom panel are all fixed by screws which is easy for installing and uninstalling; the installation in cabinet inside is more convenience.
●The cabinet be processed by professional Automatic polyurethane gasket filling machine and using 3 points lock which can make sure the cabinet be sealed well.IP55.
●The three part bottom panels for input line hole are replaced. which can move freely. These can make the cable entry easily.
●It is easy to install and uninstall the base (optional accessories)
●Optional accessories.
●We can manufacture the cabinet according to the customer special requirements also.
Surface Treatment: Degreasing,phosphating,powder coating.
Material: Cold rolled steel or stainless steel